110 thoughts on “Leave A Message…

      1. Thank you for the reference. I love that he was an animal advocate, and fearless in the face of evil’s fatal dangers.

    1. It’s beautiful, have you heard stephen king quote which is very similar “We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside us.” – Stephen King, thanks four likes xo

  1. wow, i like the shapes of your words. Not sure how to relate to them, for example your Berlin is different to mine, I’m more of a surface drifter. But clever words, and I’m intrigued. Thanks for stopping by the squeaks.

  2. I particularly like “The doorbell didn’t have a button. It was two open wires you had to put together to make a sound.”
    That reminds me of many student flats and squats and places inhabited by the long-term unemployed that I have known.

  3. Hey man, saw you liked my story and wanted to say thanks. I read Smoking In Prague. Really nice, solid writing. Modern yet classic.

  4. Dear Mr. Ellis,

    as I see, you read German too and you liked my post about Bukowski. I will include your blog in my list of favourite blogs. You seem to be an intelligent and prolific writer, from what I have seen in this blog. I hope you get soon a commercial breakthrough and become as famous as Bukowski (you never know…).


    Klaus Gauger

  5. Thanks for stopping by 20 Minutes a Day. I appreciate your support.
    I have subscribed to your blog. I read the Prague story and must say, “Wow.” You are quite a writer. I thought this story was brilliant and I don’t use that word too often. Len.

  6. Like everyone else has said, great moody, thoughtful, a little noir-ish writing (what I’ve read so far… just found your blog). Keep it up! I’m inspired

  7. Like everyone else on this page, I’m very happy to see your like on one of my stories. That gave me all the motivation I needed to write better.

  8. Thanks for following my blog. Let me know by email whether you’d like to receive the newsletter too. I always enjoy your writings too. Wish I could write with that kind of precision. Best.

  9. Some writing reads like a song. Some words weave through the psyche and shake it into a sleepy, drunken fury: the kind that begs the reader to stop, for relief from the realness — but then grabs and pulls and claws as that reader turns to go. That writing is here.

    Thank you for showing readers that rhythm and music have places in powerful prose. Your work demonstrates that, sometimes, these elements drip off lined measures and land on blank pages, beautifully arranged.

    I’m very careful with the word “talent.” Often, I think it’s an excuse to demean toil. However, this type of melodic writing cannot be taught. Your gift is profound. Please, continue to use it with verve.

  10. hi,

    thanks for the follow on Solqu shorts. Just had a look through your blog and love it! Would you be interested in contributing some shorts to the site? If so give me an email on solqu@hotmail.co.uk

    We’d love to work with you

  11. Everyone experiences the art of another through their own lens….I think your writing has sort of a brutal quality to it, that I enjoy….a bit indifferent to externalized expectations…..

  12. Thank you for liking my post 🙂 I like your blog very much. I admire your writing…

  13. I thought I left you a comment, but it appears not, so I’ll try again:

    Thanks for stopping by http://www.jamesschannep.com! You got there before I’d even put anything up, so please stop by and check me out again. As a fellow writer, I look forward to going through your stuff as well.

    PS Another guy new to wordpress who has some good stuff is jdchap, check out his page at jessendchapman.wordpress.com

  14. Thanks A.S.J. for yet again liking my post on Thanksgiving, which is kind of surprising to me. About the Bukowski post above, hope you’ve seen these recently-surfaced clips with/about him: http://www.lettersofnote.com/2011/10/charles-bukowski-on-censorship.html
    Also, there something called http://www.payablogger.org/ this coming 29th. Congrats for the Liebster Award shortlist. And keep ’em spinning. Best

  15. Dearest A.S.J.,

    As a fellow writer, I am all too familiar with receiving criticism (constructive or not) about my work. After perusing portions of your writing, truly I am honoured to learn that you have ‘liked’ my reflections on Hector and Virgil. I do hope you visit often; certainly I will show my proverbial face here frequently.


  16. I really like the stories on your page I am looking at the Berlin diaries so far and you are a distinct writing style. I love how you painted so far the sometimes harshness and fragility of the human experience. I look forward to making my way through more of your website.

  17. Thank you for reading my blog! I’m in awe that somebody with your prosaic talent would take the time to read my little corner of the web, but I appreciate it all the same. Avid new follower here!

  18. Hi, you’re a writer? :)) I suggest you post your stories/poems or other works on Wattpad. 🙂 I’m sure many people would love your works :))

  19. What a great message for humankind. Realizing the truth of this graffiti as it relates to each of us is one of the great challenges, even for the most thoughtful among us. Wow.

  20. The beast outside the cage is also the subject of an episode of the old “twilite Zone”, television series. I relate, quite well, for man is a most dangerouse thing.

  21. I listed you as one of my fifteen recently found blogs in my acceptance of the Versatile Blogger Award – thus giving you the award, too. I know people have mixed views about these awards. But I view them as an opportunity to let people know about blogs they might not have found otherwise. And your blog is one I definitely enjoy following. Keep up the great work!

  22. Thanks for your comment… This is a thought provoking site… I will think first then comment. The writing’s definitely on the wall for our current western society.

  23. Hi, thanks for checking out our blog! When we opened your page and saw the photo of the S-Bahn and your descriptions, we were taken back in time 🙂 I personally lived in Berlin for 11 years. My colleagues visited Berlin several times and loved it too. Great posts, they capture the atmosphere and the spirit of the city very well 🙂

  24. You are my idol.

    Thank you so much for liking my posts. I am trying to achieve something similar to you, in tone, feel, and vibe, with my own HNL identity.

    you are the best, ellis!!

  25. I was interested enough to read your fiction. The good news is I liked it very much. And this is from a William Golding fan who has read fiction for the past 40 years, sometimes with more interest than at others. I have a radar for good writing. You come within it. Keep going.

  26. As one writer to another, I appreciate your visit to The Sage of Texas. Also, I am wondering if we have conversed before? I truly love that photograph that opens this page by the way.
    Bless you! The Sage of Texas

  27. Letting you know right now that if you write a book, I’ll buy. Your writing keeps me reading. It has some sort of added something. I’m usually all in after the first couple lines. It’s all very good!

  28. One of the best things about comments or likes is that you get to investigate other blogs that you might not have otherwise found. Thanks for “liking” my blog because it gave me the opportunity to find yours.



  29. If you hadn’t stopped by my blog I would have never found the gem that is yours. Wow, your writing is amazing and very realistic. Thanks for dropping by and I’ll be sure to stop by here often x

  30. I just read berlin diaries. It is gritty yet compelling I will read some more……

  31. Hey, I read some of your work outloud, over breakfast. We love your rhythm and the genuine voice you speak with. Can’t wait to read more.

  32. In a movie I saw recently there was a line that said “a blog is like a graffiti only with punctuation in it” … Just thought I’d mention it… I like the graffiti on the photo and your blog… thanks for stopping by blog.

  33. What is it about your writing?! Your worlds lack hope and your topics are not exactly inspirational but I still come back for more. No, you’re just a good writer, plain and simple. Thanks man.

  34. Thanks for liking my post about Chef Wanda and her company Bah! I’ve not done much to keep up my blog or to get it out there. Just today I wrote a piece about Cousins based on a quote someone sent me on FB. It inspired me to write about my cousins and morphed into a piece about my grandparents travelling from Hungary to Canada in 1930. Perhaps you will read it. I loved the article about Berlin – I was there many years ago when the Wall was still in place. I’m going to follow you because like many before me have said, you write beautifully – for me I find it lyrical, sparse and more (just don’t know how to articulate it!). I see why you have many fans and I look forward to reading through your blogs. Thanks, Cathy.

  35. Great, another writer, and oh so different from myself. Looking forward to reading more on your your site. Have a look at my blog tetralogia.wordpress.com
    that’s where my main writing resides. Kristin

  36. Thanks for your appreciation of my writing about sitting in front of art. I am enjoying your work a great deal, particularly the piece about Prague, it brings back memories of New York in the late Seventies. Like Cathy above, I also went to Berlin several times (East and West) before the Wall came down; a different place altogether.

    If you are interested in other cities, I have written about Rome recently
    although this is more melancholy than noir, I’m afraid, a difficult difference to define though, mostly down to lighting and menace I suppose.
    Thanks again

  37. !!!!!
    This is the Real Thing. I have never seen a literature blog where people actually enjoyed reading, and I have never held out long on that kind of blog.

    And I consider myself a first class reader. Even as a kid I knew when I was reading bad stuff. (My mom died, the priests were worried about my upbringing and gave me things like Ben Hur to read. And I must have been maybe 11 years old and thought “hmmmm”).

    I am a good reader, used to the best things. The books I read are by now mainly Proust plus two that you would not have heard of, Machado the poet and the young Cela, plus the young Goethe. I wish I could learn them by heart! I know them really well. Kafka is too depressing and I cannot read him though I can see he belongs there too. Formerly my primary language was German. Now I can read in all four, but used to read only the Herald Tribune in English.

  38. Wow I love your work. You’re a great writer. You’ve just got yourself another subscriber. Keep up the good work.

  39. A most impressive and informative site that works really well on iPad. Am working now but will read in detail later this evening. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you from Ireland.


  40. Hey, thank you for liking my blog :)I have had a quick scan of yours and already I know its for me, the writing feels familiar, your have a sense of place. I will sit down and have a proper read but just thought I’d let you know that now. Good to be here 🙂

  41. Thanks for appreciating my posts about Victorian Gothic and Owen Jones. I am enjoying your writing – I have read Rehab and Smoking in Prague, its dark, its penetrating, its very interesting. Inspiring. Thankyou.

  42. I love your voice; your blog title jumped into my heart and gave me a crooked grin. YHow does one subscribe to your blog. I haven’t read it in depth, but a lively Raymond Carver comes to mind; Best of luck; I do so want to keep track of you!

  43. This is excellent stuff, really really good ! Thank you for liking my “Frida Kahlo” post !Keep on writing such poignant words, and, for the record, I really like your avatar !
    Best wishes from France !

  44. Your fiction is amazing – I could sit and read for hours (I’m running late to class as it is because of them). You capture the elements of human despair nicely; it makes each piece seem immelsely intricate, yet sturdily so. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  45. Thank you for liking my post on love! It really boosts the confidence! I’m new to blogging, so keep checking in with my WordPress and reading! I would love feedback from a great writer like you.

    You’re words are tantalizing! Best wishes and happy writing!

  46. A wonderful and profound capture of something I haven’t heard in a long time. Thanks! And thanks for visiting my site!

  47. Mr. Ellis, thank you for stopping by my blog. Your ‘like’ led me here, and what a lovely place this is. I haven’t yet had time to go through all your stories yet — you have a *lot* of them! — but I was thrilled to notice a quote from Simmel. I don’t often meet people who’ve read and liked him enough to quote him on their blogs. One of those delights of online socialising 🙂

    Well, very nice to have ‘met’ you, and I hope you’ll keep dropping by my blog. I shall certainly be poking about here.

  48. Thanks for the like last week. And for that Simmel quote. I look forward to reading his thoughts on money, as I’m not a big fan.

  49. Thanks for liking my last post on ynklings. Thanks too for taking me back, mentally to Berlin. I was there before the wall went down, and also exactly on the days people thronged through to the East and vice-versa. Looking forward to your next posts. Hope you follow me and my crazy prose pieces too on ynklings.

  50. Thanks for reading Ruralspaceman’s blog. I really enjoyed reading Berlin Diaries – very atmospheric, sensual, ethereal writing that I lost myself in. More please.

  51. Thank you for liking my post, “I’m a Fraud”, on my blog! I am honored to have the admiration of a fellow writer! Your work is extraordinary and should be published!

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